End The Emoticon Abuse

There is something wrong with emoticons. This a favorite will types of communications and it degrades everything it touches. If you are angry with someone, just come out and say it. The little smiley face reminds me of pod people because that grin is creepy. Secondly in blogging, emoticons is just plain wrong because it makes the writer seem immature. The world was a better place before emoticons.


My First Hint- My Main Character Was Born In Sweden

I am only giving hints for my novel to ward away from those who would steel my work or harass me to sell their editing services. I decided on one of my characters being from Sweden because having much of my mother’s side of the family from Sweden. Secondly, even though she came to the US when she was in middle school, there are some words in English that she doesn’t know but it has to be SAT worthy. Secondly, American humor is still something that she does not have a full grasp on yet.

What It Is by Lynda Barry Book Review

“What It Is” by Lynda Barry is a book on creative writing done in a graphic novel style with creative writing exercises in the end. While this book is a way to drive inspiration in different voices and how to describe something, it isn’t for all. The way that the graphics are presented can be a little tricky to read for some people. The writing exercises might be more ideal for the middle school, high school, or college student to give them some motivation in writing that is presented in the right way.

Pinterest, My Writing Killer

I know some people who like to use Pinterest to inspire their writing, it can also be a downside. The first is it’s the ultimate procrastination tool. For those who don’t use Pinterest, you find an pin images to your boards. Yes, it maybe helpful in scenes but when you see other pictures that have nothing to do with writing; it will inspire you to make boards for nothing what you are doing.

I Will Not Use FictionPress

Fictionpress which is fanction.net’s counterpart. Fictionpress is good if you have an idea but it holds one too many risks and that is theft of your writing. I posted a story a year ago and a fan alerted me to who was stealing my work. I deleted my material. The problem is you can click to copy someone else s work and fictionpress will not stop it. Fictionpress is not right for me to publish on because my manuscript has been in the works for two years.

Hockey Book Review: Leave No Doubt: A Credo for Chasing Your Dreams

The book “Leave No Doubt: A Credo for Chasing Your Dreams” by Mike ¬†Babcock with Rick Larsen is more of a book on Canada’s road to Olympic hockey glory in 2010. There were some elements on life in the book but the book is more of Babcock’s autobiography. What I had problems with is the book is very short on the Detroit Red Wings’ head coach and didn’t get anything interesting out of it. This book is very short and is more suitable for a child doing a book report.